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I'm thrilled to now be offering one-to-one private tuition in cake baking, decorating and design at my home in Bath.

During your tailored session, we'll equip you with the necessary skills and confidence to pursue your own baking aspirations, whether that be to perfect your cakes at home, or refine and expand your existing skills set.  

Baking has given me an outlet for my creativity and a whole new career path, and I'm passionate about passing on the knowledge I've accumulated to other budding cake makers. I want to help you develop you the fundamentals to design and create your own beautiful, modern buttercream cakes at home for friends and family, or to take the next step in your own cake journey. 


Each tuition day is bespoke to suit your desired goals, so please get in touch via our contact form to discuss your session in more detail as well as pricing options. 

Example course content

Below are a selection of skills and fundamentals that can be covered in your sessions. This list is not exhaustative, please get in touch to discuss what you're looking for from your tuition and if there are specific skills you want to explore. 

  • Fundamentals of baking great sponges and recipes for sponges suitable for stacking

  • Tips & tricks for great flavouring and combinations

  • Trimming and levelling cakes for a stable and sharp finish

  • How to make both American and Swiss Meringue buttercreams

  • How to colour your buttercream and product recommendations

  • Filling and stacking a cake with buttercreams, jams, curds and sauces

  • Crumb coating your cakes effectively

  • Covering your cakes with Swiss Meringue Buttercream and achieving a smooth finish with sharp edges

  • Creating a variety of designs and finding your own creative niche with cake making

  • Flower selection, safety, care and preperation for use on cakes

  • Arranging flowers & foliage on your cakes to create impact

  • Baking sugar cookies, a perfect wedding favour or item for gift boxes

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